Complete Marketing Packages That Are Affordable

Affordable Complete Marketing Packages

using affordable social media marketing packages, expert SEO website design and email campaigns.

Our affordable complete marketing packages all come with a 90 day advanced marketing and sales plan. Our deep knowledge in the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home ​Security markets allow us to plan a strategy for every month relative to past industry trends. We drive traffic with focused social media marketing, email campaigns and expert Google SEO website pages. Your visitors will land on a coordinated landing page with relative content and a clear call to action according to their search term.

SEO Website

Afforadble SEO Website Design Packages

Email Campaigns

Email Campaign Marketing Packages

Social Media

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

Focused Strategy

Focused Affordable Complete Marketing packages

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” — Beth Comstock

There are two ways to get on the first page of Google, you can pay Google AdWords or we can do the work. Appearing on the first page of google organically takes work but is less expensive and more effective than paying for AdWords. We offer the best complete SEO website design for the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home ​Security markets.


1. SEO Website: The base of any complete marketing package is a well planned SEO designed website. Making sure potential clients land on relative landing pages with engaging content and a clear call to action. Tracking analytics weekly with regular maintenance and adjustments will assure your website is on the first page of google. 

2. Email Campaigns: Our complete marketing packages also include a strategic email campaigns. Regular emails are still a strong component in driving traffic to your Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home ​Security website. From an intriguing subject line, to engaging content and clear call to action will result in new leads and better client relations.

3. Social Media: We create dynamic content maximized for each individual Social Media platform to engage with your local community. We leverage relative hashtags, local influencers and collaborate with local business owners to make you the local authority in Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater or the Home ​Security field.

4. Focused Strategy: Very few businesses have all three components above and even fewer have a complete marketing strategy. Having a scheduled marketing strategy while tracking your SEO website, social media marketing and email analytics will guarantee results. The Tech Reps analyze how many people visited your website, how long they stayed and why they left. We also look at who clicked on your email campaign and how many times they opened it. Having a large snapshot of potential client behavior allows us to test, adjust and achieve the targeted results.


We understand there is no one package fits all and every business is different. Call us to discuss a plan you had in mind with the goals you would like to achieve. Take advantage of our free consultation and make sure you are on the right track to success whichever digital marketing agency you choose. 

About Us:

The Tech Reps have over 20 years in proven SEO Website design and over 10 years in driving leads with affordable Social Media Marketing and strategic email campaigns. We know you will be impressed with our strategic marketing plans for Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater or Home Security. We deliver results in the smart home and home theater industry.

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