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Creating "evergreen" website pages

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Are you creating "evergreen" pages for your virtual showroom? So many put up pages without a marketing, keyword or traffic strategy. We know "outdoor speakers" are a large volume keyword phrase but also difficult to rank for. Even if you do hit the first page of google how do you convert visitors that are not local? It's better to go for "Outdoor speakers Long Island" and every city within that demographic (outdoor speakers Hamptons, Nassau County etc..) Less searches but easier to rank and a much better chance of converting. You also need the keywords "outdoor speaker systems', "landscape speakers" etc.

Evergreen means they will always be relevant for searches even if you change manufacturers. Evergreen pages are built and ranked for solutions not manufacturers or brands. We cold easily rank for Coastal Source or Origin acoustics but they have less volume than "bollard Speakers" and may not always be the solution. When this page does rank #1 (we did the research and it will) we then look for a manufacturer selling Bollards that wants more traffic and allows the dealer to profit more with online sales. Don't forget to link other relevant pages. Plan ahead and have a strategy for online sales, they are not going away.

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