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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Here is a guide to beating the current global chip shortage
Guide to beating the current chip shortage

From my inbox:

Dealer: I am wondering how National Smart Home and TheTechReps are responding to the current inventory shortage and how your marketing for your dealers-

Dear Dealer:

We have all had our fill of industry organizations scaring dealers about “no inventory” which is true but these conversations should always be about solutions, not the sky falling.

Many dealers will think they are “above” this but they are no match for the present market, and nobody knows how long we are going to wait for this chip shortage to subside.

The answer? USED GEAR! The used car market is through the roof! I bet our industry can emulate that and capitalize! If your client needs a receiver, you can tell them no, or offer them a temporary used piece of equipment until things stabilize, (they speculate well into 2022, are you prepared?)

This is the time to start your online store, slowly with demo gear. This also gives you more keywords which leads to more visitors and more sales.! We have a few dealers with extensive used gear being sold through their online store and it does bring awareness to new product for those brands because google favors ecommerce listings-

You should also think about the solutions that are readily available and will be through the summer, those are the ones you must focus on and market to clients.

Lastly with the pandemic over, will we lose market share to people returning to live events, vacations and dining out more? Or are people used to and more comfortable staying home? They say it takes 30 days to create a habit, after 18 months of staying home, is staying home the new habit?

National Smart Home – Creating Solutions – Not Panic!!!

The Tech Reps can turn any of our dealer websites into ecommerce sites in under 60 seconds! Can your digital agency pivot the same?


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