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Our affordable SEO website design will land you on the first page of Google in 3 - 6 months. Our website designs drive immediate sales by giving your visitors specific direction and keeping them engaged with relative content they would expect after landing on a specific Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home Security website. 

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Every minute you spend in planning 

saves 10 minutes in execution.

There are two ways to get on the first page of Google, you can pay Google AdWords or we can deploy an SEO designed website. Appearing on the first page of google organically takes work but is less expensive, a better investment and more effective than paying for AdWords. We offer the best SEO website design.


1. Key Words: The best SEO website design starts with "long tail" key word phrases. The Tech Reps will help plan out your long tail keyword phrases to make sure you are attracting the right audience for your Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home Security services. Keyword research and placement is one part of proper SEO website design and getting your website on the first page of Google.

2. Meta Tags: Another key to a properly designed SEO website is using the title and description meta tags. We will implement the the most popular Google keyword phrases relative to your Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home ​Security services. This greatly improves your website pages landing on the first page of google organically.

3. Image Tags: Google looks at the image tag and "alt tag" to determine what the images are. When saving images and assigning them an alt tag they must match the same long tail keyword phrases that are used in the website pages titles and description tag. Using this keyword strategy will help get your website pages to the top of google.

4. Web Page Text: The final component is the actual web page headers and text. We must use the same long tail key word phrases, from the title and description tags, image and alt tags directly on the web page. The pages URL will also share these keywords helping your Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home ​Security website pages land organically on the first page of Google.


About Us:

The Tech Reps have over 20 years in proven SEO Website design and over 10 years in driving leads with affordable Social Media Marketing and strategic email campaigns. We know you will be impressed with our strategic marketing plans for Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater or Home Security. We deliver results in the smart home and home theater industry.

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