A Smart Home Needs A Smart Phone. Day 1 of the 15 Days of Smart Home Tidings

December 11, 2017





Day One: The Smart Phone

 Good News! You most likely own one of the most expensive smart home devices already, the Smart Phone. Its the foundation of home control while your home or away. Below we will outline a basic list of devices which can be monitored and/or controlled from your smart phone. Whether you favor Apple, Android or another brand there is no shortage of smart home app capabilities. 


1. Security

 Security systems and devices are just as expansive and complex as the smart home itself. Here are some security features people have become dependent on.

     A. Indoor cameras give you great visibility on your children and pets anytime of day with many cameras giving you the option to talk or listen-in.

     B. Outdoor cameras have the same features as their indoor counterparts, allowing you to check the exterior of your home. We will go over both of these in more detail in this series.

     C.Remotely disarming the house alarm to allow children or trusted visitors in.

     D. Monitoring who enters or leaves, usually receiving text alerts when these events occur.

     E. Inform you of any other system activities connected to the house alarm


2. Smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide status alerts