Why Do I Need A Sub-Woofer? Day 4 of the 15 Days of Smart Home Tidings

December 14, 2017

 If your gonna be like Rockin' Robin, hoppin' and a boppin while singing your song, your going to need more than a Tweedle-dee tweeter and mid range.speakers, Its all about that Bass!! Now that we got you moving and grooving lets tell you why you need Bass in yo' face, Crack-Boom-Bam!


1. You Need Mixed Emotions

Adding a sub to your 2 channel or Home Cinema is not only more bass, it adds the emotion. You know the rich physical feeling of sound that generates excitement and gets your body moving. Sub-woofers create depth and improve the spaciousness of sound.


​​2. Frequencies Are Feelings

Without getting to technical, our hearing range (at its best when we were in our teens) can hear audible frequencies from 20hz (20 x per second) to 20khz (20 thousand x per second). 20-80hz is where the chest punching bass comes in. So whether you want the explosions and light saber echoes from Star Wars rocking your bottom, or just want the low end fill from your favorite music track, you need a sub-woofer or four or more.


3. More Power

There are full range speakers, but there is no such thing as a full range speaker. Imagine taking a tiny light bulb (tweeter) and giving it the current of a stadium light (subwoofer), or the reverse, taking a stadium light fixture and powering it with a triple AA battery... Fail. Your sub will not move with high frequencies, and your tweeter will melt with powerful low frequencies, burning either out. Its just impossible to have these two bulbs perform all the spectrum's of light. So even basic speakers are limited in frequency range to maintain control of the cone and not cause too much distortion.


4. Space of Bass

Sub-woofers are not directional, so there is no left, center or right placement. You can put it anywhere in the room within reason. Room treatments will also improve the experience and one of our dealers can consult you on all of this when your ready. Subwoofers also come in a huge selection of style and size.​ This planter sub-woofer is awesome for outdoor depth!


5. Go Sub-Sonic

Its the milk in your cornflakes, the jam you put on the peanut-butter sandwich! Full range audio from multiple size speakers can make it sound like your hearing your favorite song for the first time or like you just fell into the movie. You can easily demo a full range system with any of our dealers in your local area and really immerse yourself in breathtaking sound. Ask for a Dolby Atmos demo while your there. Like anything, its all about the full experience.


Please don't be fooled by  a manufacturers marketing specifications. There are is no magic speaker that will perform the entire sound spectrum. We genuinely hope this gives you some better insight on why you need a sub-woofer in your favorite listening area and we make you wanna....mmmm Drop!


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