Why do I need a Smart Video Doorbell? Day 5 of the 15 days of Smart Home tidings.

December 15, 2017

​Someone's knockin' at the door Somebody's ringin' the bell, Do yourself a favor, check your smart phone before you let em' in! Whether its Sister Suzie, brother James or a complete stranger, you will know exactly who's knock knock knockin' on your front door! Imagine these smart devices as a virtual peep-hole to your front door, from anywhere in the world.


A smart video door bell is in-expensive, easy to install and simple to use.  If your not the handy type

 or uncertain which video door bell is right for you, we can help! There are very little differences among these video door butlers, besides their aesthetics. If you have an existing door bell wire this will save you a lot of hassle from replacing or charging batteries. The battery life varies upon the amount of visitors you get and how often you view the bell ringers.