Insta-Sales on Instagram

January 1, 2019

I owe this article and insight to Gary Vaynerchuck and hope you find it just as valuable. There are three components to selling.

  1. No matter what your goal, you must first get someone's attention.

  2. Then, provide more value than your competitor, tell a compelling story...

  3. order to get them to do, what you want them to do. (buy your product /service)

Instagram gives you all three components in a single post. The first is getting attention, the right attention. This is an engaging photo or video matching your followers demographic. You can certainly build followers by following manufacturers and other integrators but this strategy will not lead to your ultimate goal: Sales! Take your most engaging post and promote that, target a specific demographic you want to accumulate followers for. Posting images of brown boxes or empty holes in a ceiling is not engaging to anyone. It is informative to your competitors and shows manufacturers your qualifications to sell their products (leading to more annoying calls to sell their products not the ones your posting), but neither of these outcomes are productive to grow your own sales goals.


Next is to provide value by educating your target audience. How will your product / service eliminate their pain? Why are you different from your competitor? Done correctly you wont even have to mention why your better, it will bleed out in your story.


Asking for the sale couldn't be easier! Running google ads, Facebook ads and many other marketing strategies require reading and clicking multiple links, this is called resistance. The Instagram shopping post allows the viewer to tap your engaging photo and instantly see a description, price and link to more detailed information. I would say right now Instagram shopping is the path of least resistance for sales. I would recommend offering small ticket items to obtain the lead. Similar to the images posted here. Showing a Home theater as the image but your "shopping items" should be simple.


How many more Lutron lighting projects would you have sparked if you had posted an image of a Christmas tree, wishing your clients a happy holiday with a "shop button" showing a $99 plug-in module and Pico to avoid crawling under the tree to turn off the lights? Maybe a few Sonos products to peak their curiosity? This strategy is limitless!


I have worked for too many organizations that think next week or next month sales are going to miraculously increase or that magic product is going to fall into their lap. Create the change for 2019, complaining about Amazon and doing nothing about it is our industries biggest down fall. We have already increased our website traffic by 114% in the last 24 hours, not to mention incredible analytics. If your still investing in magazine and paper ads in 2019 your losing money. You have 0 insight on who and how many saw your ad with no possible engagement or re-targeting capabilities. The art of marketing is obtaining the most exposure for the cheapest price. A Facebook impression is about .002¢ ($20 for 10k eyeballs) with analytics information.





The Tech Reps are a manufacturers rep and Marketing firm that uses modern day tools to raise industry awareness, provide leads to dealers that support us, and product sales for the manufacturers we represent. If I can help in any way let me know.


Rob Skuba