Why would a manufacturers rep and marketing firm have a "buy it now"​ button in their post?

January 9, 2019

Amazon holds 49% of the consumer attention, manufacturers reps and industry distribution sales continue to plummet. Dealers are saturated with “click to see our new catalog” subject lines while inundated with “it’s the next Sonos” sales pitch and your concern is why do The Tech Reps market to the consumer, why is there a shopping cart on your website, why are you offering instant sales through your Instagram account??? Friends, the internets have arrived and they do not care about your product, your service or your sales, the internets want them all to themselves. In fact right now the internets are programming for a simpler and more engaging online shopping experience while we waste time debating it. Amazon just took $120,000.00 in disposable income from your client In the last 40 seconds while you read this. Yes, over $3,000 per second. Manufacturers want sales and Dealers want referrals. How can I help both entities accomplish their goals? It’s a word 18 other manufacturers reps across the country have directly in their name, Marketing, which leads to manufacturers sales and dealer referrals.


Dealer, Time is the most valuable asset, I am curious on how you spend it and how I can help maximize it. I have guessed above at your average “cost of business” for the CI / Owner, in time, am I close? Which one of these is costing you more than its return? The Tech Reps run social media marketing ads to save you time in sales and we offer quick buy it now sales transactions that will be handed off to you. The Tech Reps believe in working with the dealer in a true balanced relationship. We do not call for sales, we create them.


Manufacturer, Sales happen, whether you get them or not. Consumers only have a certain amount of disposable income and can only spend it on what they know of. They also expect instant information with instant satisfaction and long term happiness. Lengthy details, endless clicking or any other resistance will affect the chance of a sale. This includes having to fill out a 6 page dealer application or 7 pages of tiered pricing for 3 products. Some suggest we have 4 seconds to: grab their attention, tell the story and awe the client with our awesome experiences. If Amazon holds 49% of consumers attention and Best Buy at just 1.4%, what’s our industries percentage of patronage? Amazon capitalized on the back hand of cheap google ad-words, a similar arbitrage currently available on Facebook. How do you genuinely educate or help the dealer to sell your product?


Business as usual, its end of month, call the dealer, we need more sales? Distributors, Manufacturers Reps and dealers alike fight the battle of the Amazon daily. Mostly on price, then convenience and there is always free shipping. Are sales still the goal of business? Amazon has disrupted that game and dominating. Started strictly online, no brick and mortar, no magazine, radio or TV ads but through the power of the internet. So successfully that manufacturers now have direct sales through their personal Amazon store. Search your top consumer electronics brand, Samsung, Sony or any surround sound receiver, they are all there, direct to consumer. If not they are selling through an authorized dealer on Amazon. You cant claim no on-line sales when TedsTV has a shop on Amazon not only offering every one of your products but lists every accessories and power supply you ever manufactured. Anyone can buy anything direct from Samsung’s website and if you use their financing they will upgrade your TV every two years. The cat is out of the bag, internet sales are a real thing, how do we adjust?. Restricting dealers from online sales, not allowing them to sell the same product manufacturers are selling in Amazon stores doesn’t make any sense. These sales are never referred back to the expert of the product. Referring dealers is the game. The manufacturer has an authorized installer, the dealer receives his worth and the home owner has a positive experience while learning about other products and services that CI dealer can provide. An online 85” TV sale leads to a TV sale with poor video interpolation and shamed audio from two 3” speakers which is nothing close to what Hollywood shot for. The experience is in the sum of all its parts.


The future of retail is ours to lose. We see the writing on the wall, the Amazon blob slowly creeping and consuming our ways of traditional selling from the 70’s and 80’s. Distribution is a commodity, you do not need a license, business certificate or trade agreement to import a product from China. Whether you want a container or single item, anyone with a desire and an internet connection can get it fast and cheap with free shipping. Is there a product your mechanic, electrician or doctor can get that you don’t have access to? The future relies on getting the attention, providing value and making sure you deliver on all that was promised. While we are selling from private clubs requesting paperwork with background checks Amazon will continue with instant satisfaction. Although half of it will probably be returned due to lack of education. Is it worth the on-line sale knowing there is a 50% chance of return? I can only imagine the upside possibilities to the alternative of referring professionals. Why aren’t we romancing the consumer with engaging content from the infinite corners of the internet? Why are we not selling product with margin and a referral built in for the dealer? Facebook and Instagram only have one feed, how do we leverage that or do we just continue to saturate architects, interior designers and builders?


Three’s Company and four is a crowd. Every day, another somebody from another company from another industry has the great idea of pursuing architects, interior designers and builders. If you have that relationship we recommend you over index it, respect it and worship it. After listening to a Gary Vaynerchuck 4 D’s meeting where attendees pay 10k for worthy business strategies, I listened to a concerned high end art and furniture dealer admitting his architect, interior designer and builder leads have gone flat as well as his popular magazine campaigns. This made me realize how many other trades were soliciting this market and now mind my time prospecting these firms. Like a radio station caller…. What number am I? These trades are our answer to getting consumer attention or brand awareness? Who ever is closest to the home owner wins! Architects, interior designers and builders have their own agenda and obligations. Magazine ads are not the arbitrage, you don’t know how many people saw it, who they were or how to contact them, this and more is all available through digital marketing at a fraction of the cost. Marketing: Getting the most attention for the best price with analytics and re-targeting opportunities.


The Tech Reps are a manufacturers rep and Marketing firm that uses modern day strategies to raise industry awareness, execute sales for manufacturers and provide referrals to dealers. If I can help in any way please let me know.



Rob Skuba