Sell me this speaker.

February 16, 2019

Speakers are like opinions everyone has one, but how many know how to sell themselves? Integrators know when it comes to speaker selection there is no shortage of brands to align with. In today's saturated and competitive market manufacturers must partner with respected dealers. I’m guessing with over 300 speaker manufacturers just getting someone’s attention should be praised. After you do finally get a listener it’s a brutal conversation “Rob, I am buying speaker A, why would I switch to Speaker Z (price - rewards points - simple ordering - good product)?” Of course any good manufacturer can match mundane mediocrity. But how many are selling themselves, and I don’t mean on heritage I mean on brand awareness and marketing. With a $10-$20 average CPC (cost per click) your google ad campaign is a massive investment and should be a shared burden or at least reconsidered. Does speaker A’ provide referrals, creative marketing and local brand visibility with your company info? Remember, for $20 we can get 10-13k Facebook impressions to a tailored audience with re-targeting opportunities from engagement and massive analytics. 


Its been a challenge aligning as a rep and marketing firm with like minded manufacturers. Very few agree with marketing campaigns aimed directly to the consumer, especially from a rep and marketing firm. I couldn’t imagine it any other way and OSD Black was a very easy conversation. OSD and OSD Black speakers are online but they know who they are and have an impressive strategy. Knowing who you are is difficult for some to commit, dealer direct? Online? Big-box? All the above? There are always blurred lines and then the issue of online price wars. OSD has a deep history in ecommerce and does an amazing job of policing e-tailors. OSD flagship Black series is guarded equally with no online sales. Any worthwhile investment should include a consultant and OSD knows that’s you. How big is the room? What are the surfaces? Expectations? Your experience and analysis is the pin drop! I do know integrators who won’t even unbag the Audyssey calibration mic but correctly tuning a room can be esoteric. You’re the conductor, stretch out the band, clean up the mud and absorb the details. Like wine the consumer needs education to find the right bottle and the same goes for listening gear. OSD Black is a true CI speaker line with referral opportunities helping you shrink those CPC campaigns.


I would invest $60 for you to gift your clients 6 months free of Deezer or another lossless streaming service with a defined purchase. I would only ask you download and play their Prom, wedding or memorable song with a few other tracks and make sure you get the wow moment, then go to the video aspect and action scenes. The science, build and overall audible experience is admirable but to answer “Why OSD Black”? Commitment, to the art of sound and the homeowner with courtesy and respect for the industry experts while intelligently navigating through an online world. The Tech Reps are a manufacturers rep and Marketing firm that practice modern day strategies to raise brand awareness, execute sales for manufacturers and provide referrals to respected dealers. If I can help in any way please let me know.


Rob Skuba

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