Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages That Make You The Local IInfluencer

while driving relative traffic to your SEO designed website.

Our affordable social media marketing packages all come with an advanced 30 day strategic marketing plan. The Tech Reps marketing agency is focused on the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home Security industries.

Get Attention

Get Attention with Affordable Social Media Packages

Tell A Story

Affordable Story telling with Social Media Marketing

Provide Value

Affordable Value With Social Media Marketing


Test and Learn with Affordable Social Marketing

People with goals succeed

because they know where they are going.

You need to have a plan that leads to accomplishing your goal. Our affordable social media packages are one dynamic to reaching your goals. Assuming your goals are sales, here are our core principles to maximize sales.


1. Getting Attention: Before you invest a single penny into your product or service you must get someone's attention, so you can offer it to them! Social Media Marketing offers the lowest cost of entry and a free "market place" evaluation. As marketers our job is to get you the most attention for the least amount of money, we understand this.

2. Stories Sell: Once you have someone's attention, you must tell them a compelling story that engages with their emotion. Buy a basketball or a basketball Michael Jordan shot for the final win in a championship? Buy a piano or a piano designed by Elton John? Everyone buys on emotion and we understand this.

3. Provide Value: What makes you better than your competitor? Competing on price is a race to zero and you need to be a local influencer, in your community, in your industry. With our knowledge of the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater and Home Security industries and years of social media marketing analytics, we know how to do this.

4. Test-Learn-Adjust-Test Again: What time do we post? What post received the most engagement? What did users click on? How long did they stay? Why did they leave? How can we get them back? These are all great questions and we have the experience to know, they literally vary from town to town. It will take 3 to 6 months to close in on a social media marketing strategy but you will benefit within weeks. 


We understand there is no one package fits all and every business is different. Call us to discuss a plan you had in mind with the goals you would like to achieve. Take advantage of our free consultation and make sure you are on the right track to success whichever digital marketing agency you choose. 

About Us:

The Tech Reps have over 20 years in proven SEO Website design and over 10 years in driving leads with affordable Social Media Marketing and strategic email campaigns. We know you will be impressed with our strategic marketing plans for Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater or Home Security. We deliver results in the smart home and home theater industry.

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